10th Street fitness FAQ

Cool, huh?

Yeah. We think so too.

participation information

For participation information, simply call The Point at (269) 350-5496 with any questions... or stop by and see us!


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (and some answers) for you in our FAQ section.  If your question is not on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us directly.



Welcome to the 10th Street Fitness Center where we are dedicated to serving our neighbors and providing a safe, challenging environment to meet your fitness needs.


The Point is completely supported through generous donations from our friends and neighbors, as well as rentals, programs and activities we provide.


When you become a guest of our Fitness Center, drop-in for open gym, or rent space here, you support programs and initiatives that enable us to reach more people in their places of need.

gym etiquette

Common Courtesies: We mention gym ettiquette when you sign up in the hope that you will be more aware of how your behavior affects other guests.  Remember: we reserve the right to cancel participation agreements without refund, so please be courteous to staff, guests and the building.


Wipe down the machines after use: Please be sure to wipe up after yourself and prepare the machines and equipment for the next guest.  We provide spray bottles of sanitizer and towels to help you with this.


Put your weights back: Not everyone is as strong as you :).  Picking up after yourself ensures that no one injures themselves trying to heft your weight back to the rack so that they can use the machine.  It also helps us prevent injuries from trips and falls.  AND it's just polite.


Grunting: It's not really necessary to scare the daylights out of innocent exercisers by grunting loudly and/or screaming your way through your workout.


Cell phones: You can talk on your phone in the fitness center, if it does not interfere with other guests' ability to enjoy a workout session.  Please remember to keep your voice (respectfully) down in the fitness center and turn off your phone during fitness classes.


Frequently asked questions...

How can I get access to 10th Street Fitness?

Just come in to The Point during normal hours of operation to get signed up.


What are your hours?

10th Street Fitness is open during The Point's business hours.  These change seasonally.


Hours of Operation:

Monday:       8:00am - 8pm

Tuesday:     8:00am - 8pm

Wednesday: 8:00am - 5pm

Thursday:     8:00am - 8pm

Friday:          8:00am - 6pm

Saturday:     8:00 am - Noon

Sunday:        CLOSED


What amenities are available?

At 10th Street Fitness we offer a variety of exercise equipment.


Elliptical machines


Recumbent stationary bicycles

Circuit weight machines

Squat rack

Smith machine

Many of our machines are equipped with cardio-theater televisions with over 60 channels, so be sure to bring your earphones with you.

Changing rooms and showers are available as well (towels, soap and shampoo are not provided, however, so be sure to bring your own).



Can I come by to tour 10th Street Fitness?

You're welcome to come by during The Point's business hours every day, including Saturdays - no appointments necessary and no need to call first.  Just stop by the front desk and let them know you are interested in looking at the fitness center.


Can I work out immediately after signing up?

Absolutely!  Wear your workout clothes when you come in to sign up.


I heard The Point is a part of the church next door.  Do I have to be a member at the church to use the fitness center?

No, Centerpoint Church built The Point for community use and everyone is welcome to enjoy 10th Street Fitness, or any of the other services offered here.


Is 10th Street Fitness a beginner-friendly gym?

We are a very beginner-friendly gym.  Our environment and culture were designed to ensure that people of all fitness levels feel comfortable here.


Free personal training orientations are offered with every new sign-up to help guests get familiar with our equipment and learn ways to efficiently use their time in the gym.  Some guests elect to use a trainer for a short period in order to help them acclimate to a gym setting, a lifestyle change, and/or for support and encouragement.  Many other guests use a personal trainer long term or just ask for a written training program that they can follow themselves.


Is the fitness center closed for holidays?

Yes.  If there is a major holiday, The Point will be closed.  Check our website newsfeed for upcoming holiday closures.


Does the fitness center close during bad weather?

Yes.  The Point will close when there is severe weather - be sure to check local listings when in doubt. If there is a tornado watch, The Point will consider closing based on current weather forecasts.  If The Point closes due to weather or another emergency, the closing will be listed on, Channel 3, our website, and our facebook page.


Why must participants in the fitness center be 16 years of age or older?

Firstly, because our liability insurance requires it.  This age limit is common within facilities throughout the U.S.  Secondly, the exercise and weight equipment is designed for an adult body frame and may not be safe to accommodate young people who are not yet fully developed.


What types of shoes/dress are acceptable in the fitness center?

Non-marking athletic shoes should be worn in the fitness center.  No sandals, flip-flops, or bare feet are allowed.  Additionally, shirts MUST be worn at all times.


Bench press

Lat pull-down and row machine

Leg press

Cable crossover

Dumbbells and free weights from 5 to 100lbs


2595 North 10th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009 | 269.350.5496